Warehouse Management

Our Warehouse Management Tool can be used in any warehouse or production environment to manage stock levels and the flow of material. The tool was originally developed due to a client not having the required functionality from their current market leading ERP management software.

The Warehouse Management Tool utilises a user friendly system that enables your business processes to run smoothly enabling successful delivery within your required timeframe. Users have the ability to have full control over the material flow using a detailed or simple overview. Production planning functionality assists in end product quantity forecasts with real time views of current material stock levels at each manufacturing process.

Using the Warehouse Management Tool your business can drastically improve its quality, costs, delivery and user experience.

• Production can be increased by applying digital Kanbans, effectively improving your delivery. A Kanban dashboard provides information regarding the status of each material item at each storage location, which notifies the user at restocking levels to minimise downtime
• Quality can be improved through correct and accurate stock allocation
• Costs are reduced through accurate supply chain forecasts for stock levels
• Staff handling times are reduced by confirming stock availability



The Warehouse Management Tool allows users to define:

• Name, description, required material and final product

Bill of Materials
• Structure of products
• End product material requirements
Material Items
• Material number, description
• Units and unit conversion (i.e. 1 palette = 12 boxes)
Storage Areas
• Description, location, codes
• Definition of shelfs and racks
• Definition of which workstation can book material in or out
• Active subinventory

• Each storage area needs to be associate with a subinventory
• Subinventories determine the parameters for the storage area (i.e. which material items can be stored in that storage area)
• Minimum & maximum quantities, default quantities
• Booking management for items in and out
• Minimum storage time (i.e. the time needed for a part to complete its previous function before being used again)

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