At Spitfire-IT our services are designed and configured to provide smooth operation to your business. We understand how important it is to maintain and update your business processes to keep up to date with the ever evolving technological world. Our business consultants and IT experts provide professional expert advice on how to improve the operation of your systems.

Oracle e-Business Suite 11i, R12:

We’re here to help you in every way that we can. If that’s by assisting your system migration from Oracle e-Business Suite 11i to R12, we can help you do that. Or by training your staff in specific area, we can help you do that too.

Our team delivers cross functional team development and support to interpret and understand your data. The ability to understand extensive data from items and consumptions to order creation and finance processes allows us to perform lean transformations. If needed, we can also deliver the right script to query your data along all necessary modules.

With Spitfire-IT your Oracle E-Business Suite migration and/or training is in the capable hands of our experienced team.

Application Ownership Support

Businesses own specific and important applications written in an array of languages including, VB.NET, C# or PHP with backend technologies such as Oracle, SQL, Access and SharePoint. Does your staff understand the functions of these applications? Are they being maintained correctly?

With their extensive experience our IT experts can ensure that all your applications accomplish their specific objectives correctly.

Our Application Ownership Support service can help you transform your system by managing and maintaining these applications to ensure smooth operation of your business.

Digital Concept Design

Whether it’s building an app from scratch or improving an existing one, creating a full client interface or a web application, we can help you. Our business consultants and IT experts can advise you on what digital conceptual design you should move forward with. Our process will help you understand the benefits of each design and help you to make an informed decision on which step to take to improve your business.

We can assist you in understanding agile methods or SCRUM. As well as help you review your project management capabilities in IT. Our team will provide expert advice and support using extensive preparation, training and courses to ensure successful outcomes to your conceptual design.

Business Intelligence

We can help improve the business intelligence of your processes by providing you with the ability to see your data on one screen. We will work closely with you to help you minimize risk and make critical decisions.

Our business consultants have decades of experience in business intelligence enabling them to combine a broad set of data analysis applications into one simple user friendly interface. We can help you apply budgets and forecasts into the same form using our integrated dashboards.