Project Management Tool

Our Project Management Tool, provided as an OTS product that complies with ISO 9001 regulations, was developed to support the administration of business processes. It combines functionality and flexibility to assist in completing projects effectively and efficiently. Due to its flexibility it is extremely adaptable to your individual requirements.



Projects encompass a vast area of many businesses and require careful management to succeed on time and within budget.

The Project Management Tool, offering multi language support, can be used for efficient project and resource management by reducing the required effort for documentation and increasing speeds for personal processes, such as expenses. The tool can be used across multiple divisions of your business to ensure smooth and efficient project management.



  • News Ticker

The home screen contains two news tickers, internal and market news, which notify you regarding the latest internal and market developments, improving internal communication.

  • People Module

Modules are individually catered per user to include personal data, timesheets, task management and an expenses system; significantly decreasing the time it takes to complete these tasks.

  • Client Module

Allows seamless management of client data, sites and contacts. It also provides information regarding hotels near client sites.

  • Project Module

Allows projects to be tracked through all phases of a customizable process. Includes finance data tracking and timesheets for project scheduling. It also provides project management information with checklists for each project as well as the ability to upload documents.

  • Finance Module

Acts as a finance dashboard and provides information such as timesheet reports, expenses overview and validation, invoicing, credit card transactions, internal PO’s, management of licence agreements and management of currencies, credit card limits, holiday allowances etc.

  • Report Module

A multi-level dashboard that provides personalised reports and balanced score cards.

  • Knowledge Module

Acts mainly as an archive for lessons learned, client feedbacks, project reports and market news, ensuring all past information is still available.

  • Company Module

Includes essential features such as recruitment pool, company calendar and user form management.

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