Data Mining

Our Data Mininig Tool has been used for music royalties and is another OTS product that was originally designed specifically for the German market. However, it offers multi language support and can be easily adapted to meet the requirements for other countries.
The Music Royalties Tool enables musicians, or music copyright owners, to manage their intellectual property and income, allowing them to have complete control of their copyright information.



The Music Royalties Tool combines ease of use with functionality to assist you in effortlessly managing your intellectual property and income.

The title database includes:
• Effective management of original, alternative and part titles, as well as different versions
• Individual title information, such as composers and editors
• Full transaction history for each title
• A dashboard with income summary per title

The Music Royalties Tool can show information provided by the German GEMA, allowing you to upload various data lists on all different templates.
A multi levelled dashboard provides an overview of all income data that can be categorized by country, title, timeframe etc.
Excel Report functionality allows you to export your data into personalised data templates. Using this function you can generate numerous reports or control your data in a way that suits you.
An on screen manual is also available.

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